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Is formwork more than 5 meters high

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The precise definition of high formwork in construction engineering is not that the height is greater than or equal to 4.5m or 5 meters, but refers to the formwork erection operation when the formwork height is greater than or equal to 8m.

The Ministry of housing and urban rural development's JZ [2018] No. 31 document "Regulations on safety management of dangerous divisional and subdivisional works" stipulates:

1. Concrete formwork support works in divisional and subdivisional works with high risk: the erection height is 5M and above; Or erect a span of 10m or more; Or total construction load 10kn/m ² And above; Or concentrated line load 15kn/m and above; Or concrete formwork supporting works with a height greater than the horizontal projection width of the support and relatively independent and unconnected members.

2. Concrete formwork support works in divisional and subdivisional works with greater risk exceeding a certain scale: the erection height is 8m or more; Or the erection span is 18m or more, or the total construction load is 15kn/m ² And above; Or concentrated line load 20kn/m and above.

Preventive and monitoring measures:

1. For each high formwork project, materials that meet the requirements shall be selected, and professional technicians shall design and calculate the foundation and support system, and prepare the construction scheme; For the high formwork with a height of more than 8 meters, the special construction scheme must be demonstrated by experts, and it must be erected in strict accordance with the scheme in the specific implementation process.

2. During high formwork erection, the construction scheme shall be carefully implemented to ensure the stability and reliability of the support system. After the preliminary completion of formwork erection, careful inspection and acceptance shall be carried out to confirm that it is correct. When erecting the formwork, there should be no people below, and cross operation is prohibited to prevent objects from striking.

3. The support frame of high formwork generally adopts steel pipe frame system, which is erected by scaffolders. When the formwork workers cooperate with the operation, they should also wear work clothes, fasten cuffs and leggings, fasten safety belts and wear safety helmets as required.