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Taiyuan shoukai Huaxi Longyuan

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The project is located in the south of Longcheng street, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, with a construction area of 203470 square meters and a cost of 550 million yuan. It consists of a number of high-rise residential buildings, garages, clubs, supermarkets and other supporting buildings, with a maximum of 25 floors. The main structure is a frame shear wall structure.

In the construction process, the new building formwork support system of Qinhuangdao Shengchuan building materials Co., Ltd. was adopted, and the advantages of using the new formwork support were fully experienced. Advantages of formwork support: safe and durable, economical, not easy to deform, uniform stress, ecological and environmental protection, simple installation, 1000 times of turnover, self customization, convenient operation, convenient connection, improving efficiency, standardized production, three free services (design, providing solutions, post-sales services), and whole process tracking.

The new building formwork support system is divided into roof formwork support system and shear wall, beam and column formwork support system. The formwork combined support structure for the top plate is composed of main steel ridge, secondary steel ridge, butt vertical rod, tie rod and hollow lead screw; The formwork combined support structure for shear wall is composed of main back ridge, secondary back ridge, through wall bolt, adjustable inclined support rod, door card and other main components.

The new building formwork support system has the characteristics of ingenious design concept, simple and fast assembly and disassembly operation, high production efficiency, flexible and convenient adjustment, and many times of reuse and turnover. It meets the support needs of cast-in-situ concrete beams, plates, columns and shear walls, helps to improve the quality of cast-in-situ concrete projects, and can save a lot of wood, In line with China's industrial policy of energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Product features:

1. Template preparation is fast and accurate

2. Replacing wood with steel saves wood resources

3. The main components are standardized and have strong applicability

4. Simple and convenient construction

5. The formwork has high strength, rigidity and stability

6. The surface treatment technology is advanced, and the production process is energy-saving and environment-friendly