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Emergency rescue measures for template support system

Time:2023-05-12 09:30:26View count:

When using template support systems, traditional support system materials include wooden blocks, steel pipes, poor rigidity, poor stability, easy deformation, and safety accidents such as leakage and collapse,. What rescue measures should be taken for accidents that have already occurred?

1. Local deformation of the formwork support system caused by uneven load. Erect diagonal braces on both the vertical and horizontal sections of the template support system until the deformation zone is outside. The lower legs of the diagonal braces must be firmly connected to the upright pole.

2. In the event of a collapse of the template support system, the personnel involved in the accident should be released from compression as soon as possible and emergency calls should be made. During the process of relieving compression, do not forcefully pull to avoid further injury. On site handling should be based on the severity of the injury, and emergency measures such as bandage hemostasis, artificial respiration, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be taken.

3. The injured person should be sent to the nearest hospital for rescue. While rescuing the injured, other team members should be organized to take effective rescue measures or evacuate personnel from the dangerous area to prevent the situation from expanding.

4. All scaffolders should be immediately organized to reinforce the scaffolding to prevent it from collapsing again, concentrate manpower to rescue injured personnel, clean up on-site materials, and minimize accident losses.

In short, in the event of an accident, one should remain calm and initiate a pre emergency plan in a timely manner to minimize losses.